Finishing up Try-Outs

Unfortunately, the rain got the better of us today and Try-Outs were canceled.

Try-out schedule for the rest of the week

3/25 Friday 3 PM (only if you’re in the double elimination tournament)– Everyone on courts 3-6 are OFF Friday and need to come Saturday at 10 AM.

2 sessions: 3/26 Saturday 10a-12 pm and 12- 2:30 pm of this week. (You will be emailed more information.)

Matches need to be completed by Sunday 3/27 for our Double Elimination tournament for Varsity spots.

Varsity will be announced before 3/28 Monday‘s practice at 3 pm. JV will be announced between now and Monday (3/28).

Thanks to everyone for coming out.

Looking forward to a great season.

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