• Amelie Bazile
  • Angelina Matra
  • Brooke Saporta
  • Caroline Banks
  • Carolina Medeiros Krug
  • Cassidy Gutman
  • Demi Sasson
  • Devyn Peffer
  • Dylan Lebowitz
  • Emma Kantor
  • Felipe Lemcke
  • Izzy Rivel
  • Karoline Smokler
  • Mabel Propper
  • Paige Miller
  • Rachel Guzman
  • Rachel Olefson
  • Reese Havemann
  • Samantha Wadley
  • Sienna Sedlarcik
  • Sorel Kennedy

Congratulations Girls!! Great job!

First practice: Tomorrow at 4:30 PM Town Farms

Check IG @staplesglennis if it’s raining for any delay or cancellation

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