Varsity Roster

  • Karenna Birns C
  • Caroline Caggiano C
  • Audrey Kercher C
  • Isabel Alfageme
  • Rhiya Anand
  • Chloe Francis
  • Maddie Hendley
  • Jenna Kornbluth
  • Lola Lamensdorf
  • Sarah Marron
  • Bridget Menninger
  • Lucia Wang
  • Sadie Yanks
  • Alana Zitomer

Congratulations girls! Practice is tomorrow at 2:30 PM at Staples

Stay tuned!! We will be posting the JV ROSTER tomorrow. We have a few loose ends to tie up. Sorry for the delay.

FIRST JV PRACTICE WILL BE THURSDAY 3/23 at 4:30 pm at Town Farms

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